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考鸭们都知道,雅思写作话题有一个历史题库。本文就为大家梳理历年雅思写作真题范文:Some people think people working in creative arts should be financially supported by government. Others think they should find financial support from other resources. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.——2015年10月31日社会类雅思写作真题




The realization of basic human needs such as enough clothing and food makes it necessary for a more advanced spiritual enjoyment from art. For those who devote themselves to creating aesthetic works and pleasure, I think they should be supported by both government and other resources.


The government, as the central power that can accumulate a wealth of resources and execute them more systematically, should take the main responsibility to fund the artists. Most of the museums and art galleries are run and managed by governments and artists can be financially supported if the government makes it more accessible for artists to have their works of art exhibited. The authority can also issue some policies or regulations favoring the creation of innovative works of art, such as the reduction of tax levied on the artists and more subsidies for the encouragement of their contribution.


It is also true that the financial support from governments alone can hardly guarantee a decent pay or income for the artists. Funding from the governments sometimes has to be allocated to the areas that are more concerned with the welfare of most of the citizens, such as health insurance and government loans for the students from disadvantaged families. In this case, the financial support from other sectors such as big companies or some non-governmental organizations can fit in. Some companies can carry out a series of exhibitions to raise more funds for artists and it is advisable for them to help publicise the works of artists on some media.


To sum up, if joint efforts from both governments and other resources are made to fund those who are engaged in the field of art, chances are that the artists will be better-off and create more valuable masterpieces that can elevate people’s spiritual world.


雅思写作范文及思路点拨:高中毕业生Gap year的优缺点

考鸭们都知道,雅思写作话题有一个历史题库。本文就为大家梳理历年雅思写作真题范文:School leavers go travelling or work before they go directly to university. Are there more advantages or disadvantages on their study?——2015年11月7日教育类雅思写作真题





Before the beginning of university, students who wish to continue with their education face two probable choice--either suspend their study for a year to obtain work and travel experience, or go directly into university. I will analyze the pros and cons of these two choices below.


A year’s time to work or travel before university has been popular among young people in recent years. In fact, students can obtain several good points by doing this. To begin with, students can enhance their life skills and maintain a balance between their studies and work from the one yeat experience. They will become more independent during this meaningful process. Also, they can identify career preference and areas of interests during travelling, which will help them to decide their major in university.


However, one year’s work or travel also has its obvious disadvantages. Coming fresh out og high school, students do not have a clear understanding of the harsh realities of the world. They are not in a strong position to undertake early employment. Besides, young people are not able to make a correct career decision. Choosing a career requires sufficient knowledge of one’s own strengths, aptitudes and the trends in job market. Most young adults lack such knowledge. Moreover, travelling and working will divert young people’s attention from their previous objectives. If students give up the opportunity of being educated and pursue other ventures, they will lose their willpower to learn something carefully and patiently. The side effect of disengagement from schooling might not be significant in the first several years, but it will surly disadvantages them a lot in a long run.


To conclude, work or travel before university has its advantages and disadvantages. In fact, the disadvantages outweigh advantages.


雅思写作范文及思路点拨:Team spirit的培养

考鸭们都知道,雅思写作话题有一个历史题库。本文就为大家梳理历年雅思写作真题范文:The best way to teach children to cooperate is through team sports at school. To what extent do you agree or disagree?——2015年11月14日教育类雅思写作真题









Cooperation has strongly been advocated by many schools, possibly because good teamwork spirit is regarded as shared trait among successful groups. It is believed that organizing children to do team sports is the best way to teach cooperation. My view is that team sports are of great significance to the cultivation of teamwork spirit, despite the fact that children can learn to cooperate through many other methods.


Team sports are known for the ability that it can improve children’s teamwork spirit. In the team environment, members need to know how to communicate with each other and discuss strategies to beat rivals, which can prepare students for both academic performance and career development. If there are no team activities provided for children, they may feel lonely and isolated from the outside world. Undoubtedly, introducing more team sports to children contributes to cultivating their cooperation spirit.


Another advantage of team sports is that it can encourage children to obey team rules. When they are playing together, they have to follow some certain instructions; otherwise activities or games may not be gone smoothly. In addition, children are more likely to help each other and realize the merits of others id they are occupied with team sports.


Meanwhile, it should be admitted that team sports are not the only way to cooperation. If the team fails, children may blame their teammate, which is harmful to both teamwork spirit and their friendship. Clearly, there are many other social activities that can improve children’s cooperation, including singing in a chorus and participating in unpaid community service.


To sum up, team sports provide a good environment for children to cooperate and encourage them to follow instructions, although we have to acknowledge that some other activities are also the methods leading to teamwork spirit.



考鸭们都知道,雅思写作话题有一个历史题库。本文就为大家梳理历年雅思写作真题范文:In some countries, the role of a mother differs in some ways from the role of a father. Why do you think these differences exist? How might parental roles develop in the future?——2015年11月21日政府类雅思写作真题

In some countries, the role of a mother differs in some ways from the role of a father. Why do you think these differences exist? How might parental roles develop in the future?






One of the government duties and responsibilities is to pour its funds to the area of sports and art which can add spice to people’s life. The discussion centers on whether the fund should be allocated to campus sport and art or to the professional counterparts in communities. From a more holistic point, I am in favor of the view that social sports and art events are supposed to receive more government financial aid.


If governments spend more grants in professional sports and events, the value and benefit of sports and arts can be appreciated by more public. A larger number of people ranging from the sports enthusiasts and art fans can be found in communities and the well-funded sports and art events can cater for their needs and bring them more physical and mental enjoyment. Therefore, the core value presented by sports and arts can be better realized and admired by the public. By comparison, sport and art in school are in the subordinate place, which are usually regarded as pastime by most students and teachers.


The sports and art events in community can also boost communication and interaction in neighborhood. People tend to go out their doors to view or participate in the various sports or arts events if the government pours more money into communities. And they can share their understanding when enjoying the work of art or cultivate a sense of belonging when taking part in sports events.


On the other hand, sport and art events in school are also worth government attention. Schools are usually short in funds and the financial assistance from government can make school life more diverse and colorful. However, the fund allocated to schools can generate fewer benefits and other non-government organizations can donor some amount of money to meet the requirement.


To conclude, the government should sponsor the sports and art activities in community even if schools are also in need of financial support.



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