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Every coin has two sides. On the one hand, I am quite satisfied with my university life. On the other hand, life in my university is not as satisfactory as what we had expected.

Here is the bright side of my university life: Firstly, Equipment of my university is advanced and teacher team is powerful. There is an advanced library that owns all kinds of books. So we can acquire a lot of knowledge from my university. Secondly, all sorts of lectures are given on campus. We can learn much knowledge that is interesting. Thirdly, my campus activities are rich and colorful. Such as sports meets, speech contests, different social gatherings and dancing parties provide opportunities to make friends. What’s more, my dormitory life is very harmonious. Dormitory life is an important part of my university life. On the one hand, we can have a good rest and put our heart into study. On the other hand, we will have a good mood and enjoy being together.

This is the dark side of my university life: Firstly, there is only one dining room in my university. So we often need to wait in a long line, which waste much time. Everyday is always fixed cuisine types, which make our appetites depressed. Secondly, self-study room is not enough. Now we will soon take final exam. So it is difficult to find a self-study room. What’s more, network of my university is very unstable. It is difficult to search literature in my dormitory, which waste too much time.In short, I am quite satisfied with my university life, but there is still some room for improvement. I am convinced that my university life will become better and better.





In my understanding, if we refer to an ideal college life as a formal western dinner, then a high GPA, that is, Grade Point Average, should be the main course, while an active part in activities, together with associations, means the appetizer. Some romances, of course, play the role as desserts. They are the 3 key elements for an ideal college life.

Those, however, are not what college life is all about. As we all know, college is wildly different from middle school. It connects not only adolescence to adulthood, but also the ivory tower to the real society. Therefore, the ideal college life is that I become matured both physically and mentally, and that I obtain qualified academic knowledge and get well prepared for society at the same time.

Under this circumstance, I never expect my college life to be too ideal, or you can call it too perfect. It is not realistic to make all things on my own way, with everyone liking me, winning the first prize all the time, and so on. Of course, I’d like to lead a carefree life. However, this does little good to my future. What really helps is hardships like failure, betrayal, and unjust treatment. Only after experiencing those can I know what society is like, and what life is like.

To conclude my speech, I wanna say, some positive experiences are surely part of the ideal college life. But, I should not forget about the negative sides. They are not less necessary..


No classical work could pervade every cubic centimeter of air with such cultural fragrance but she.

No judicious sage could merge various elements as a magnificent poem but she.

No green tree could consist of vivid cells arousing every heart's anxiety for being young forever but she.

She is my university Fudan University.

The first time I entered the campus as a freshman, I was deeply attracted by her cultural atmosphere and historical connotation. Fudan is a graceful lady who is accustomed to serenity but meanwhile each action of hers outpours her innermost tern perament. Apparently it is worth every effort to probe into her world for the sake of both physical and mental enrichment. Her humanistic spirit inspires me to care for everything around, even the most trivial one.

On the other hand, catching up with the times, Fudan is modern and smart. You see, the many age-old buildings here are actually great libraries and labs. Scientific and technological developrnent is easily smelt in the air,because she never lags behind the world.

Fabulously, such a historical and scientific school is far more than an operational mechanism. Her everlasting youth and vigor beam through every corner of the campus and the young in school vivify every piece of concrete and wood here. What makes me happy and strong is that it perpetuates me with unfading energy. And it is definitely beneficial for me to be granted enthusi。


I am a sophmore of Nanchang University.Now i want to introduce to you guys about my university.It has a long history back to the fifties of last century.

As it locate far away from the city center ,the most prosperous place,you may think the traffic is totally unconvenient,then you are wrong,instead of unconvenient ,there are a lot of transportation tools that will take you to where you want to go at any time.when it going to say about facilities and faculites,i will say they are excellent and helpful.I cherish friendship and like to make as many friends as i can and i found out that the students there are have a heart of gold ,and are hospital.So,that's my university,it is not the best one but i still love it .I can foresee that i will enjoiy my life on campus from now.


It has been two years since I first got to university. Some of my classmates say that the college life is boring, because they have plenty of time but do not know what to do. However, from my point of view, the campus life in college is interesting and colorful as long as you make it meaningful. 距我第一次去上大学已经两年了。


In the first semester in college, I didn't relax and I still worked hard as I was in the senior school. I usually spent two hours in study at night and I went to the classroom forautonomous learning.But the difference is that I have many extracurricular activities. For example, I went to the English Corner regularly on Tuesday night, in which I could practice my spoken English and make friends with common interests.


Besides, I join the Student Union of my department. In the Student Union, I have a group of workmates who work hard together and support to each other. Actually, it looks like a big, warm family that we can share our lives together. During various activities, I realize the importance of team spirit that helps us go further.

此外,我参加了系里的学生会。在学生会里,我有一群同事,我们一起努力工作并且互相支持。在各种各样的活动中我意识到团队精神的重要性,它能帮助我们走得更远。 Finally, college is great stage to improve a student and show one's abilities. In college, I know more about our society and get more channels to explore the outside world. I realize that I am not only a student but also an adult who is preparing to step into the society.


In short, I cherish my life in college campus and I will try hard to make it colorful as well as meaningful.



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