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It is five in the afternoon, just struggling to wake up from yesterday's drunk, and now is still faint, do not 'know what to do now and then. In fact, a lot needs to be done. But I really do not know since when have lost a sense of responsibility, I lost confidence, dare to do things his former dream.

Suddenly think, is now more than twenty years of age, my youth is slowly passed, will be gone, hurry, I looked back and I've struggled with this inside university nearly two and half years, but during my life, so I will at this time in two and a half has disappeared without leaving anything. Seriously think about, what did I have at this time in more than two years, every morning, always stepping ringtones valiantly dash forward in the classroom, the teacher will be treated as non-existent, not always serious school attendance just wait until the upcoming exam before going to be thrown off balance, boil a few night, just to be able Minato improvise together over the exam can be. Do I have forgotten to finish university this journey, I have to go up to the community to fight for their own lives, they need to be responsible for the person responsible for it? But in the past few years time, I learned what I rely on what to feed themselves, by virtue of what is to be responsible for their dearest people, allowing them to live a happy life, why, in the end what I rely on ? Yes, I need to rely on the knowledge, skills, rely on, rely on contacts, but the knowledge I learned it? I acquired skills yet? I reserve contacts yet? No, because I already failed through my university, which wasted my youth, squandering the upcoming TV drama will not exist.

Do not blame others gradually depleted heart, their own slack irrigation and moisture; do not blame the depression and do not delight friends, gentle fade away in the end Who is to blame; do not put their consistent Disappearance blamed the hardships of life, initially only a weak determination; do not put all the blame ring true era update, it is only the dignity of burnout. Contemplate their feelings on their own grasp attribution, otherwise it's too stupid.

That is to understand their problems out where, then I need to have dissipated own will, and be responsible for lost youth, I must, I must. Think about his past through the clutter, and constantly open up, Liu Yong Jin, unremitting struggle for their dreams assault, chest thrown still excited wave, a long time to heal. Hawk, only to fly, I also need to continue to forge ahead for their dreams.

He has picked up gradually Disappearance will and heart, it will not come in our way of life is brilliant close due to lack of irrigation depleted dry. In my university, trying to fight it, the dead are no longer on just for that is gradually coming to an end but also a brilliant youth draw a satisfactory sentence breaks.







September university campus unrest, because of the arrival of a group of lengtouqing. Those who experienced the brutal entrance freshmen are escorted at the whole family, carrying new repairing luggage, With infinite longing, Queen curious eyes came to this place called University. Their finest youth four years here, take a certain wisdom, memories, growth, friendship, and perhaps love ......

China past the most crowded single-plank bridge - the college entrance examination, these people all freshman high-spirited, self-confident, it seems that the whole world in their hands, not knowing whether to conquer the world, but also whether they are four years for their forging a the sword. Everything is just beginning.

Chinese children are happy, because parents and teachers are extremely responsible, unavoidably arranged that the children's lives and learning; Chinese children are also, unfortunately, parents and teachers in more than a decade of restraint, Maybe a lot of children are already accustomed to obedience, forgetting how independent thinking and decision-making. As the movie "The Shawshank Redemption" in a line: "First you hate it, you get used to it slowly, and finally you can not do without it."

When these kids on campus, everything is different. Parents are not around the day, three meals a day, no one to help you basic necessities arrangements in place; no class, no longer see the teachers in the classroom staring at the study hall, learning becomes a conscious thing depends; several students share a dormitory lively replace the exclusive home of a room pleases ...... University is a new world, all the topics are new and do not have it give us good guidance for parents and high school teachers, day of shouting " freedom "came, but most had never lived away from home independent freshman, this freedom may be a test.

Little to eat lunch every day, ranging from how to plan future career direction requires its own independent thinking and judgment, even childish, even if wrong, it is growing pains. Before, the University is the only clear goals; among the university, how to spend the precious four years of college to become placed in front of each freshman proposition. This period of "New Oriental Spirit" seems to offer a solution for college life freshman People: "cultivate self-care ability is mentioned in entering university, Lu Xun once said:" Life is the first. " Freshmen entering college, we must first learn to live, and secondly to learn how to learn, learn, learn to do things. Teacher like Mr Yu's speech "university to do a few things" in spoken, three college students do pursue a preparation to be able to make college life more meaningful, namely, the pursuit of knowledge, the pursuit of friendship, the pursuit of love , fully prepared for the work. To do these four things, four years time is very short, hope that all college freshmen have a clear understanding of this, as soon as possible to determine their own efforts and work hard, do their master.

Young, always thought that four years is very long, very long youth. You can read the book tomorrow, words can be back tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, wasted time at university. Unexamined just squandered youth, in order to live a purposeful regrets youth. 18 years old, to be responsible for himself.








How much time inside, dreaming, how many nights, the sped his pen, is not really remembered, I thought, even more soul-stirring than meet? For the university, as if my heart that drop tears, beauty mark, mysterious standing far away, where waiting for me to go home.

Shanghai Theatre Academy, my goal in life, the pursuit of desire, there is a person of faith is to support my Optimus Prime, read his essay, a kind of bitter aftertaste after knowing anxious after relaxation meditation after the old post young, he always hoped he described the text so, indeed. He did.

I abandoned all the sadness and doubts, to chase the tide to go home, because my heart eternal stranger calling me, and I went forward that way, so I have a successful day, when he was Pro seventy years of age, whether glorious decades ago still fresh in our memory? He may not know, a bloom of youth girl because of his book and his yearning for institutions, is to redouble their efforts, even if there is no a priori conditions, but the effort is there the day after tomorrow, and, endless ......

Sometimes think universities, always laughing and crying, there is a concern, there is a vision.

Night whim, I will light the lights in the dark, a star in search of just the brain burst of inspiration, scrawled in pen letter paper, read repeatedly chant, taste alone and that a wonderful surprise, and then looking at the front of the "masterpiece" and complacent ......

Dreamer will not stop the pace, she will be several times more than ordinary effort and perhaps, perhaps, later she would hesitate, complain, but she will not give up her dream, because she knows that the Department of Chinese opera, there is a figure in the call she ......

On the show, although I'm not familiar to you now, but, you wait for me, so I officially entered your school that day, let me understand you.









As time passed away, time flies, blink of an eye, I am a student about to enter a junior. I remember from primary school to university, in my impression is that people remember the most profound teacher. Because the mother is a high school teacher, I grew up I wanted to guide the way teachers, teachers and finally I was in the doctors chose the latter, one person alone came from Hunan, Sichuan, into the North Sichuan Medical College. My mother also respect my decision, she always taught me the identity of teachers, doctors chose this path, destined to be more difficult than the teachers more difficult to walk this road, but no matter how hard it is, stick to the brave . Future as a doctor, can not be considered as a matter of life, to learn their professional knowledge, but also to expand all aspects of life experiences. She also told the identity of a mother to me, as a girl, a person outside to take care of themselves, but also to live a bright, lived up to the wonderful. From small to large mother gave me education is essential, and of course other teachers to teach, so I became a student of a medical school.

From elementary school now, I contacted many different types of teachers, among them some like a strict father, and some like mother, my relationship with them has been very good, but I'm honored to be their students. Although after entering college, and university teachers talk fewer, widening the distance, but I still love and respect them, most of which my favorite is our 2012 anesthesia 4 homeroom teacher - Yuqing Bo teacher.

Recall that year, just finished college entrance examination had a stressful summer, then came to the university campus makes me yearn for is that time, more than the teacher and classmates together we had a meeting class meeting. The first time I saw him he was impressed with the fluffy hair was a mess, with glasses, a little body fat, some people feel cute, young face revealed he would not be a rigid antique, giving the impression that the whole very easy to get along, it proved true.

He let us call him brother celebrate, we are not cautious, Qing Qing brother called brother called to go. He told us that he is also a graduate of North Sichuan Medical is a North Sichuan Medical College Hospital Department of Anesthesiology of a doctor. It turned out he not only our teacher, but also much earlier than our brothers session. He just manage our affairs class, but we do not teach courses in the hospital for a surgery because he also Daiyanjiusheng, busy, so just give us some time to open a class meeting. Also from subsequent classes will know why every time I see him his hair was a mess because before each class meeting will see to celebrate brother sitting in a motorcycle drove up from school dusty, certainly in hospital busy day, at night he still gave us a class meeting. Finish classes will also ask our supper, each got late and had to take a taxi home.

Qing brother very nice to me, knowing that I am a girl from overseas, unfamiliar, I am more to take care of each class will finish way back will come to me and talk to me, ask the nearest then, I would be happy to chat with him, you can understand his struggles to become our role model.

Because my skin prone to allergies, and once at night covered everywhere from a block of red knots, so the next morning I hit celebrate brother's phone, but do not dare celebrate brother delay, immediately told me that let me to the hospital in a dermatologist to find a doctor, then the doctor looked at the symptoms directly, and then prescribe medication, although not serious just once urticaria, but celebrate brother's attitude people feel very warm, let alone in a foreign land I do not feel sad because there is such a good teacher.

On another occasion, a boy in the class play with others because of the mandible was smashed, and then sent to the hospital for surgery, the Qing brother personally give him anesthesia. After surgery as long as there is time to celebrate brother will come to the ward to see the students, with those of us who go to the hospital to send to send porridge soup accompanied him to drink together to chat with him, so that he is not a person to stay in the ward, let him have our company, which is brother and classmates to celebrate his warmth.

Qing brother is such a good teacher, a good teacher, though he can not teach our knowledge in the classroom, but it can teach us how to get in life. Immediately enter school junior, he moved from New old, and from the hospital is closer, with the opportunity to celebrate brother also deal more, I want more to learn from him, to be a good doctor, set an example by not seeking treatment but the world can contribute to society. But also to learn to become a good man like him.










University life is colorful, but it also requires us to grasp the depth of the human body and will. Some people say: "Ordinary Students have the same ordinary, not extraordinary, but the university has its own glory." But, you can choose the ordinary, but it can not choose mediocrity; I may, I believe everybody wants to extraordinary. So, how to make their college life fulfilling meaningful shots how their college life? I just talk about the personal points of view. The first is to establish goals and plans, far-sighted. Ancients "When the blog of lofty", Mao also "advisable and see the amount." No goal will be no effort way forward, but also no power at all. Program objectives can be divided into short and long term. Recently I read as many books, this month I want to learn to understand what knowledge, intention to practice what holidays and so on. Long-term, such as: Self strive to get a diploma before graduation, personal relationships should be how big should the practical ability to achieve what extent, and so on. Moreover, the goal is to achieve a coherent process to achieve a small table angry. Such as a day remember five words, the exam can remember a lot. However, this requires persistence and perseverance. Second, to far-sighted, means not to be temporary emotions and feelings of the tow had indulged to big business success, we must pay close attention to events, trivial relax. For example, do not be playing online games has brought satisfaction are addicted, everyone knows, the greater the emptiness temporarily satisfy behind. I believe we have this experience. The third is to establish a sense of employment crisis. We always blame themselves for their own control is not strong, there is no progress power. I do not know what is not clear on its own consciousness. Some will say: "Love is the motivation to learn" or "underprivileged motivation to learn" and so on. In fact, from the direct sense, the jobs crisis is also a sense of power that we should be motivated. I often think what to do after graduation yourself? See the addition of newspapers and magazines from the current employment situation is extremely severe, so was very scared. Some people say that currently looking for work: either a relationship or diploma, or have the ability (skills). ? And we do diploma, but college; relations, I believe that most of the sitting did not matter. So, our only way out is to have what it takes. And this, we must ask ourselves: What did you learn, you have mastered the question now is not what we do not know what to study, but we do not want to learn?. The fourth is to develop knowledge and capability simultaneously. Former light heavy knowledge and ability, but now it is different, just the opposite, since the social impact, appropriate fall diploma requirements, so now many college students find part-time have ran out. If they are not compromising learning go on, that none, but should be promoted. But some of them are not, in order to serve later a waiter working at Kuang leave teeth, going to night classes is not on. To me there is such a phenomenon. Now, there has been such a misplaced thought, is that serving staff organs and enterprises, have spare time to "recharge" and college students in the school community but have to go part-time. I think this trend should be corrected, homing. In addition, there is, to read more books and newspapers and magazines. For the latest social trends, identifying national affairs, politics grasp the first time economic news ...... Yes, it's not only easy to find a job for us in the future to help, but also for our own work can also help. Their advertising is a comprehensive interdisciplinary subject, we as future advertising, it should be learned, and everything should look, and should be focused to highlight some disciplines die! Well, my speech today also stop here. Finally, just a word: "The road is long Come, happiness and earth." Yes, I gave myself, and encourage one another!

大学生活是多姿多彩的,但也需要我们去把握和深人体会。有人说:“平凡的大学生有着相同的平凡,而不平凡的大学却有着各自的辉煌。”但,你可以选择平凡,但却不可以选择平庸;可以的话,相信谁都想不平凡。那么,怎样才能使自己的大学生活充实有意义,怎样做主自己的大学生活呢?我随便谈谈个人的几点观点。   首先是要确立目标和计划,放远目光。古人有“志当存高远”,毛泽东也有“风物长宜放眼量”。没有目标便没有前进的努力方向,也毫无动力可言。计划目标,又可分为近期和远期。如近期我要看完多少本书,这一个月我要学懂什么知识,假期有什么实践打算等等。远期的如:争取毕业前拿到自考文凭,人际关系网应该多大,实践能力应有达到怎样的程度等等。而且,目标的实现又是一个个小怒表实现的连贯过程。如一天记5个单词,到考前便可记到很多。但,这需要坚持和毅力。   第二,是要放远眼光,是指不被暂时的情绪和心情所拖所沉溺,要成就大事业,就必须大事抓紧,小事放松。如,不要被上网玩游戏等所带来的满足感所一直沉溺,孰不知,暂时满足的背后的更大的空虚。相信大家都有这种体会。   第三是树立就业危机感。我们总是在怪自己自己控力不强,没有上进的动力。孰不知是自己的意识上没有清醒。有人会说:“爱情是学习的动力”或“家境贫穷的学习的动力”等等。其实,从直接意义上来说,就业危机感才是也应该是我们上进的动力。我自己常想自己毕业以后究竟能干什么?又多从报纸杂志上看到目前就业形势的异常严峻,所以心里很是后怕。有人说目前找工作:要么有关系,要么有文凭,要么有才能(技能)。而我们呢?文凭,只是大专;关系,相信在坐的大部都没有什么关系。所以,我们的出路便是要有什么才能。而这,就要问问自己:你学到了什么,你掌握了什么?现在的问题不是我们不知道学什么,而是我们不想学。   第四,是要学知识与发展能力并举。以前是重知识而轻能力,但现在不同了,恰相反,由于社会上影响,文凭要求的适当下降,所以现在的很多大学生纷纷跑出外面找兼职。如果他们是在不影响学习的前提下去的,那没话说,反而应该提倡。但他们有些不是,为了一份端菜的服务生工作,不惜请假旷颗,晚自习也不上。我身边就有这样的现象。现在,出现了这样一种错位思潮,就是,在职的机关企业工作人员,纷纷利用业余时间”充电“,而在校的大学生们却纷纷跑到社会兼职。我觉的应该纠正这种思潮,归位。   此外,还有,就是,要多看看书和报纸杂志。了解最新社会动态,知晓国家大事,掌握第一时间的时政经济新闻……是的,这不仅对我们以后找工作容易有帮助,而且对我们本身的工作也有帮助。广告是一们综合边缘性学科,我们做为未来的广告人,就应该博学,什么都应该了解一下,并且要有重点地突出模些领域学科!   好了,我今天的演讲也到此为止了。最后,只上一句话:”路漫漫其修远兮,吾将上下而求索。“是的,送给我自己,也与大家共勉!


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