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The third century AD, ancient Rome had a tyrant named Claudius (Claudius). Not far from the tyrant's palace, there is a very beautiful temple. The godsworn Valentine (Valentine) have lived here. Roman worship him very much, men and women, old or young, rich or poor alike, always clustered around him, before the raging flame of the altar, to listen to valentine's prayer.

Ancient Rome have been continuous war, more than a tyrant crowe recruited a large number of citizens to the battlefield, people complain. Men don't want to leave home, boys with the lover. Stormed claudius, he summons the people are not allowed to wedding, even all have engaged to engagement. So many young people bid farewell to love, indignation towards the battlefield. Young girls are also due to lost lovers, depression.

Valentine's treatment of tyrant felt very sad. When a couple came to the temple to request his help, tile against the emperor, in the sacred altar quietly held a wedding for them. People going the rounds and a lot of people come here, with the help of valentine formed a partner.

News finally pass into the palace, came to the ears of the tyrant. Claudius once again into a rage, he ordered the soldiers rushed into the temple, the valentine from a wedding is being held newcomer side dragged away, into a dungeon. People begged the tyrant disintegrated from, but all in vain. Valentine finally in a dungeon tortured to death.

Friends will be sad he buried in her church. That day is February 14, the year is 270 AD.

Another version of this doesn't seem to have a wonderful.

Legends of valentine is one of the earliest christians, the time to be a Christian means danger and death.

To cover other martyrs, valentine was caught and put into the prison. There he cured the warden daughter blind eyes. When the tyrant heard a miracle, he felt very afraid, so will valentine beheaded.

According to legend, in the execution of that day in the morning, valentine wrote a letter to the warden's daughter love farewell letter, dated: FromyourValentine (sent from your valentine) historians prefer searching ripping up the bottom, they seem to be convincing interpretation about valentine's day.

Actually long before 270 AD, when Rome just laying around or a wilderness, a flock of wolves. In Romans worship of the gods, animal husbandry and god lupo, (Lupercus) runs on the protection of the shepherd and his flock. Every year in February, the Romans would held a grand ceremony to celebrate the lupercalia. At that time the calendar compared with now, is slightly late some, so the lupercalia is actually to celebrate the coming spring. Others said that this festival is to celebrate the method yunus (Faunus) god, it is similar to the ancient Greek person sheep foot, head the horned god Pan (Pan), the director of animal husbandry and agriculture.

Lupercalia origin is too old, even confirm the scholars of the first century BC. But the importance of this festival is beyond dispute. The historical records, for example, Anthony (MarkAntony) is in the 44 years BC lupercalia admiral Wang Guanshou and Caesar (Julius

Caesar). Every February 15th, monks gather in Rome china-pakistan valentine (Palantine) next to a cave on the mountain, it is said that here, the founder of the ancient Roman city (RomilusandRemus) is a female Wolf nutritive grew up. In the holiday in all kinds of celebrations, there is a young nobles, holding a whip, sheep run in the street. Young women gather in the streets, wish the sheep whip whipped into their heads. It is believed that this will make it easier for their children.

In Latin, sheep whip is called februa, called fabruatio, actually contain the meaning of "pure". February's name (February). With the expansion of the Roman forces in Europe, the custom of lupercalia was taken to the present France and Britain, etc. The most enjoyable a festival similar to grab. The names of young women were placed in the box, and then the young men to draw. Take a couple of become a lover, time is a year or more.

The rise of Christianity, enable people to commemorate the customs gradually indifference of the gods. Priests don't want people to give up the joy of the holiday, so the Lupercalia (Lupercalia) into a Valentine's day (Valentine 'sDay), and moved to February 14. So, brother about valentine legends and ancient festival was naturally together. The festival of Britain's most popular in the middle ages. The names of the unmarried men and women were pulled out after, they will exchange gifts, women in the years to become a man's Valentine. In the men would be embroidered on the sleeve of the girl's name, care for and protect the woman they will become the sacred duty of the man.

Verifiable check in the modern sense of valentine lover is in the early 15th century. French young grand duke of Orleans in root walcott battle of Agincourt) captured by the British, and imprisoned in the tower of London for many years. He wrote to his wife a lot of love poems, about 60 first preserved up to now. Made pledge of valentine's day flowers appear after about two hundred years. King Henry iv (HenryIV) one of the daughters of valentine's day held a grand party. Do all the ladies from the selected Valentine man get a bunch of flowers.

And in this way, the continuation of the ancient Italian, French and British customs, we can in a year on February 14 love message to his friends. Flowers, candy hearts, with lace and fold the ear covers to send person name, not only represents the one true love, is to dare to resist tyranny brother valentine's best honor.


















On February 14, mom and dad took my brother and I go to town to buy things. Entered the city, we are surrounded by flowers, cart, carrying a basket flower vendors can be seen everywhere. Each big mall door are advertising "valentine's day" bargains. Oh, today is valentine's day, we just take a tumble. Dad half-truths said to us "abortion, small, buy a bunch of flowers for mom?" "good!" We answer with one voice. But mom said don't let anything, but we also came close turned against with my father. Dad have to say "let's go to the shopping mall shopping, take back to say again." In the student supplies zone, dad give my brother and I bought a bag, and to the clothing shop, help we picked out a suit of clothes. I just want to shout mother came to see, only to find her gone. After a long time, she didn't come over, carrying a big box, and smiling said to the father: there is processing wool sweater, cheap and good, I bought you one, right? "Dad took looked at said," who let you buy, I'm not a no. Go to, in a women's wear for you. "But mother resolute don't agree with, father had to forget about it. We turn a circle to hualian market again. Go out, mother" ouch! "cried out. It turns out that crack a lot of small opening, her hand in winter just gets better and must carry something heavy today, get the wound again opened, is a little bit out of the blood. My mother hurriedly took out a paper towel to wipe. At this moment, your father's hand to the brother said," you wait for me here, I'll be right back. Say that finish and go to the supermarket. A little later, dad took out a box of senior types.the cream and a pair of gloves, we immediately see. On the way home, I looked at the hand carry sweater father and mother wearing gloves, the in the mind very happy.



Qixi festival this evening, mother told me that today is "Tanabata", was the day of meet niulang and zhinv, stand under the grape trellis legend can also hear niulang and zhinv! Today the first day they met, will cry. I waited and waited, sleeping of time really flew voice to be heard, I guess it must be niulang and zhinv crying! They cry so long, so loud. They can meet a year, it's really impressive! If my mother and I see a year, suddenly one day meet again, that is how happy and excited! Before I thought of my mother and I see the "goddess marriage", "goddess marriage" of dong yong is a cowherd, hand-woven cloth is female, they lived a happy life, god make the snake will go to the human grasp hand-woven cloth, caught the hand-woven cloth ran, dong yong after, soon after, the gods with gold zan between niulang and zhinv drew a line, this is the Milky Way, they can only be fated, allowing them to July 15 meet every year, this is the source of the Chinese valentine's day, July 15 separated them, however, they must have said not over words, endless things to do. I hope they never separated.



Tanabata night, the sky is clear, the legend of today is to be in Cowherd and Weaver Girl Magpie Bridge day.

Vega meet the day, can only meet once a year, and only a Tanabata festival. Tanabata Festival in the night, many people are woven clothes to celebrate this wonderful Tanabata Festival. People in rural areas are also climbing on high ladder, promised their aspirations. Everything is beautiful. At this point, I seem to see a birds lined up to form a bridge: Magpie Bridge. I saw both sides in the Cowherd and Weaver Girl Magpie Bridge of. Their eyes full of happiness, their faces full of longing, hope. Gradually, the two embark on Magpie Bridge, in the center of the bridge meet. Jiji bird cried, as if in blessing the Cowherd, the tree cicada kept calling, as if want to postpone the arrival of dawn. Cowherd seemed wings, love in the sky, intoxicated people, people immersed in full sun, flowers and love of homeland.

Unfortunately, no one could not stop the arrival of the morning. Leaving the moment, Cowboy Weaver's hand tightly pulled, want to keep it all the better, but this is no way. Touching moment is coming, the birds seem to cherish it all, as if crying cicadas, even God also shed moved, everyone was trying to save it all ah! The most exciting is that Cowherd and refused to let go, it seems to be rather hand disappeared together.

I suddenly woke up, I realized that these are just dreams. But I really hope Cowherd and Weaver can never be separated, can be as ordinary as a couple living together, let us wish them together!






Clouds and wind continuously changing a variety of ingenious shape, meteors are constantly passing the Cowherd and Weaver Girl meet on weekdays may not regret. In the autumn dew season, they quietly crossed meet the vast Milky Way in the night sky, in this rare first encounter, the tenderness between them than the world many times to meet.

Their love, like long flowing water, rain continued, meet once a year and as of tomorrow in Youmeng. How they bear to look back Magpie Bridge return, separating it again? But then I thought, as long as the feelings of the two steadfastly, forever, then why spend the day and night together?




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