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You want to studyat a certain foreign university. Write a letter to ask about the situationthere as regards accommodation and fees, possible scholarships, and whatqualifications one needs for acceptance.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a Chinese student who wish to apply foradmission into your prestigious university. My plan is to start my course nextterm, and I would be grateful if you would be kind enough to provide me withcertain essential information.

First, what qualifications do I need to follow acourse of study at your university? I already have a bachelor's degree from Beijing University, but I wonder if there areany further academic requirements. Second, how much are the tuition fees? Although I intend to beself-supporting, I would be interested to hear if there are any scholarshipsavailable for international students. Third, what is the situation as regards accommodation?

I look forward to your reply, and to attending youresteemed institution.

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming




1. 环境破坏 environmental contamination

Causes and harms:

First and foremost, quite a few people Obtain Enormous Economic Benefits at the expense of our living environments. They put the economic interests in the first place while overlook the negative impact of environmental destruction. Secondly, industrial production has also caused severe damage and contamination to the environment.

Environment destruction/contamination is a problem that can't be neglected: The contaminated air may damage people's health; the polluted water could poison creatures living in the water; soil contamination ,resulting from the over use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, is anther major hazard to people's health. (91 words)


On the one hand, the authorities should make and implement relevant laws and regulations to impose a heavy penalty on those who destroy and contaminate the environment deliberately. On the other hand, factories should act to reduce the emission of pollutants by using purification systems. Last but not least, we, as individual earth citizens, should take practical actions, such as using cloth bags, reducing the use of vehicles and so on. Only in this way can we live in a better world. (86 words)


Our living environment and some natural resources are being destroyed in the blind pursuit of GDP increase. At present, the ecology of our planet can hardly support the continuous expansion of heavy-polluting , high-consuming and low-profit production pattern. What's more, it is quite necessary that we have an objective understanding of the relationship between GDP increase and the ecological environment. The GDP increase which is achieved at the expense of human living environment and destroying our valuable natural resources (some of the resources are nonrenewable) is meaningless at all. To sum up, the blind craze for GDP increase must be stopped.(101 words)



Firstly,the ever-increasing population is a leading cause of water shortage. As populations increase, the demand for water grows accordingly.

secondly, people everywhere waste water without even realizing it: showers last too long, taps are left running and so forth.

Last but not least, the industrial production will cause water contamination and it will also decrease the existing water resources further more.

How :

In view of the seriousness of the problem, effective measures must be taken before things get worse. For one thing, it is essential that laws and regulations be worked out and enforced impose a heavy penalty on those who waste or contaminate waster deliberately . Secondly, a large-scale education campaign should be launched to inform the public of the significance of economizing on water. With these measures taken, it is reasonable for us to believe that this problem can be perfectly solved in the near future .


water shortage is still a serious problem threatening the existence and survival of the whole human being, and yet the phenomenon of wasting water can still easily be found anywhere in our daily life. For example, water taps are frequently left on by careless users. Someone even assumes that they have the right to waste water because they pay for it so that it has nothing to do with others. In fact, so precious is water that we cannot afford to waste it. Water resource is indispensable not only in our daily life but also in the industry and agriculture. And water is the wealth of the whole mankind, and it is hard to imagine what the world would be like when there is no more water.

Even though an increasing number of people have become aware of this emergency, further measures still need to be taken. On the macro level, the whole world should make a joint effort to fight against waste of water. On the micro level, publicizing activities, such as broadcasting wonderful ways on how to save water on TV and other media, should be conducted. To store water means to store happiness and only by saving water can we save a better life for our offspring.


With the development of society, people’s living standard has got great improvement. There are more and more people having private cars. Almost every family has one car. But every coin has two sides. Private car bring many advantages to our human beings, but it also brings many disadvantages to us. There are several reasons counting for my view.


On the one hand, private car bring great convenience to us. We can go everywhere we want with a private car. We don’t need to queue for a bus and squeeze in the bus. We also don’t need to worry about the distance of our destination. We can make it without striking a blowing with a private car. Besides, staying in the private car is very comfortable. We won’t face the sunshine and rain directly and we can have air-conditioning in the car. Owing a private car has so many benefits.


On the other hand, private cars also left many problems to us. The most obvious is that it joins hands in the traffic jam. As there are many private cars on the road, in the street, but the road is too small to hold them, so traffic jam comes out. Traffic jam affects everyone out. We all know that the off-gas from private car is harmful to the air that we breathe. Because of it, many people get ill.


In a word, though private car brings pros to us, it also brings cons to us.

For the sake of our human beings’ long term development, we need to use cars properly, take the bus to work more.





This winter vacation, the streets should be bustling, because the new hateful coronavirus to provoke people panic.


Because of this disease, everyone can only hold back at home. Children can't go out to play, young people can't go out to make money, old people can't go out for a walk. All day long, I stayed at home. Except for a few cars on the road, I was dead.


Recently, our elevator was cleaned by coronavirus. Up to now, the elevator is filled with the smell of 84 disinfectant, and there is a package of paper on the wall. Can't it express the harm of the disease?


Wuhan is the most dangerous city, because Wuhan has the largest number of people suffering from the disease, and the whole city has been closed. Before the disease, Wuhan used to be a dream city for many people; now, people outside don't want to go to Wuhan, but people inside think of Wuhan.


The beds of hospitals in Wuhan are not enough for patients. Doctors from famous hospitals all over the country are rushing to Wuhan. If all professionals are at home in peace. The doctors are different. They are always risking their lives to treat patients. Like soldiers on the battlefield, they are always taken away by the God of death.


Because in 2003 there was a disease called SARS, plus the new coronavirus. Many people think that the main culprit is civet cat, but in fact, it is not. After research, it is found that civet cat is also one of the victims. SARS is because the chrysanthemum head bat is passed on to civet cat, and civet cat is passed on to us. www.yyzw.com


But is it strange that they are animals? No, it's our humanity. Although it must have something to do with animals, would it be today if it wasn't for our greedy mouth?


SARS was cured 17 years ago because of eating wild animals. "Forget the pain after the scar." Today's new coronavirus re - outbreak of the old disease, but also because of eating wild animals, and created today.


Hope to get rid of the virus as soon as possible and let the angels in white free as soon as possible.



2020, novel coronavirus infection is a wonderful year. When people are still immersed in the romance of February 2, 2020 symmetry day, they are coming to hear the news of the new type of coronavirus infection in Wuhan.


There are tens of thousands of buildings in the city, and all the poor people in the world are happy. From Wuhan to the whole country, the latest information of the epidemic is always moving our heartstrings. We saw the most beautiful and retrograde figure in the fight against the epidemic without gunsmoke.


Academician Zhong Nanshan, 84, was once again in charge of the expedition and rushed to Wuhan at the first time. Medical workers across the country set up a request for war, pressed the fingerprints and rushed to rescue them. General Secretary Xi Jinping made important instructions to put the people's health and safety first. Once again, we witnessed the speed of the motherland's strength and China. They are the brightest stars in the night sky. They try their best to pass their hopes on to every Chinese.


This reminds me of the forest fire in Muli County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province in 2019. There are 689 fire fighters and local firefighters in Liangshan Prefecture who are fighting in the primeval forest with an altitude of more than 4000 meters. However, they did not expect to be affected by the sudden change of wind and wind direction. The forest fire burst out and the raging fire swept the whole mountain forest rapidly. 27 forest fire fighters and 3 local firefighters lost contact.


Maybe we can't tell the names of the most beautiful rebels one by one, but whether they are medical workers or fire fighters, they are the same as us, and they are also children, mothers, and have their own families and happiness. But when they put on the isolation suit, they represent not only themselves, but also the mission entrusted by the motherland. Some of them are the same age as us, but when the danger comes, they don't hesitate and flinch at all. They leave the hope of life to others. They leave their family to care for everyone's feelings for the people, which makes us moved.


Under the epidemic situation, no one can stay out of the business. As a party member, we need to be ahead of others, have a sense of responsibility and responsibility, do not spread rumors, do not spread rumors, open and transparent information in time, and give the public the greatest confidence and peace of mind. Consciously abide by the organizational regulations, cooperate with the leading cadres to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, timely report to the village, community, and people returning home for filing and registration, do a good job in personnel, materials and transportation inspection in densely populated areas such as railway station and supermarket, and timely conduct medical observation on suspected patients, so as to achieve "early detection, early report, early diagnosis and early treatment" ”To control the source of infection and minimize the possibility of epidemic spread.


2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. We are experiencing such a special winter when spring comes. But as Shelley said, "winter is coming, will spring be late?" winter is coming to an end, and spring will come. We are bound to win in the fight against the epidemic. At this moment, we are sitting in a quiet time, but someone is carrying us forward. Let's pay our highest respect to the most beautiful rebel, Wuhan and China. Let's make an agreement to work together for a better tomorrow when we are prosperous and prosperous!



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