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Don't Rely Too Much on Computers

The invention of computers has changed people's daily life in a dramatic way. It is possible for people to be socially active without leaving the house, watch videos of almost anything imaginable, play games that feel like real life and get easy access to the best and worst of the world. It is no wonder that a large quantity of people becomes addicted to computers.

Spending too much time in front of the computer may results in vision problems, back and neck pain, sleep disturbances, weight gain and Internet addiction. What's more, over-reliance on computers may lead to ill-spelling abilities and poor academic performance.

Undoubtedly, computers are a great addition to our life, and proper and safe use of them should always be a number one priority. Meanwhile, those less-than-pleasant consequences of computer overuse worth considering. Try to take breaks every hour, and periodically look away from the screen to give your eyes a break. Most importantly, don't let any online activities influence your family relationship.



Should graduate students start their own business or look for jobs? In my opinion, becoming a member of the workforce is far less desirable than owning a business. Undeniably, enterpreneurship involves risks and entails hard work and determination. However, it generates greater satisfaction and a sense of acheivement. No glory without risk-taking is conceivable. Only when one is willing to take risks can one accomplish great things. Even if the business does not work out at the end, one can learn a great lesson from their mistakes. As such, the experience of setting up an enterprise is far superior to the secured but insipid life of a white collar employee.



The International Worker’s Day

The international workers'day, also known as May day, is celebrated on the first day on May. There are more than eighty countries celebrate this festival since 1889. People may know that the worker's day is about having a rest on that day, but most of them don't know how this day comes from and the story behind it.


In the late of 18 century, the cruel capitalists in order to make more money, they demanded their employers to work all day, but only paid them with low salaries. In America, the workers had to work at least 14 hours a day, sometimes, they even worked as long as 18 hours. Due to the unfair payment, the works knew that they had to stand up and fight for their rights, or all of them will die young. Then the workers started to go on strike, demanded that the reasonable working hours should be 8 hours a day. However, the capitalists did not pay attention to the workers'demand. The workers had to fight for their rights for themselves. On may 1st, 1886, the United States and Canada's worker unions got together to start the biggest strike. After that day, the law had passed the rules that the workers'working hours would be 8 hours per day. This strike had made a different. The worker did not need to suffer from the long working hours with low payment.


The international worker's day aims to memorize the spirit of brave and show our honor to the former workers. Because they had make great contribution to today's happiness.


Happy workers'day !



Internet and Privacy 互联网与隐私权

Internet has penetrated into all the aspects of our life and work. We can study and work by it. We can find a job by it. We can communicate by it. We can entertain by it. We can buy and sell by it. We can do almost everything on Internet, and almost anywhere, anytime.


However, at the same time Internet provides services for us, it is inevitably invading our privacy to some degree. The services on most websites require our registry. If we want to enjoy these services, we have to provide much private much private information, including our names, genre, address, telephone number and sometimes bank accounts. Due to the poor Internet administration and weak network security, our information might be open, stolen or sold. Even sometimes the information will be misused by the criminals.


Considering the above mentioned, we must enhance the alertness when using the Internet. First, when we need Internet service, we should always log on those big legal websites. Second, if the service requires important private information, you should think twice before you type in it. www.yyzw.com




In the past, a great many people used to use disposable plastic bags for shopping and other purposes. However, the excessive use of disposable plastic bags has led to great damages both to environment and to people's health.

On the one hand, it takes about 200 years for a buried plastic bag to decompose and be absorbed by the soil. On the other hand, the use of disposable plastic bags will indirectly do harm to people's health, which is less known to the public. Sometimes people buy hot food packed into disposable plastic bags to save the time and labor in washing their dining utensils. Yet they are not informed that the chemicals in the bags will be released in high temperature. Therefore, they are eating the poisonous stuff while enjoying the tasty food.

It's enlightening and significant that our government has banned the free provision of disposable plastic bags in supermarkets. Trial practice has shown considerable reduction in the consumption of bags. In a word, fewer plastic bags will bring us the sustainable development of our earth.


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