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GRE写作评分中关于用词有一个非常具体的评判标准,demonstrates control of language, including diction and syntactic variety,即通过用词用句的变化性有效地体现行文语言的多样性。而许多中国考生被扣分,正是因为用词过于单调重复和口语化。特别是一些常用词汇,只要在写作中出现就很容易造成扣分,下面小编举5个最常见的不地道且常被滥用的重复词汇:

1. Really

Example:The swimmer really performed admirably.

“Really”表示“真的”,有强调的作用。但很多时候“really”并没有告诉读者或听者任何重要、有用的信息,缺乏说服力。如果你想要表达一个事实,不妨尝试去掉“really”,反倒更让信服。比如:The swimmer performed admirably.

2. Things/ Stuff

Example: “The article said a lot of things and stuff.”

Things和Stuff这两个词汇十分模糊,作者自己可以清楚地了解Things和Stuff代表的含义,但读者显然不能。Things和Stuff到底指什么?为什么会有Things和Stuff?我如何获得这些Things和Stuff?这都是读者会产生的问题。所以与其图一时省事,不如清晰地描述出你的想法,这样你的写出的句子才会有力量。例如:The aricle discussed the principles of interactive design.

3. I believe/I feel/I think

Example: “I believe the author has a great point here…”

很多人认为在观点前加上“I believe/I feel/I think”可以表明立场,避免逻辑漏洞,也更容易让人接受自己的想法。但如果对方本身对你的认可度不高,你的“I believe/I feel/I think”反而会引起对方的抵抗情绪。过度小心翼翼会让你显得没有自信,不够真诚。你完全可以说:“The researcher has a great point here.”

4. Was/Is/Are/Am

Example: “The letter was mailed by Sally.”

使用Was/Is/Are/Am和不使用的区别在于被动和主动的区别。在这个例句中,Was/Is/Are/Am让句式变成更为复杂的被动,而在地道的英语思维中,应该尽可能少地使用被动语态;另一方面,当你使用被动句,句子的主旨也会随之改变,从Sally变成了letter。英文写作要做到简洁有力,“Sally mailed the letter.”显然比“The letter was mailed by Sally.”表达的更清晰。

5. Very

Example:Scientistsare very interested in finding out more about the duck-billed platypus“Substitute ‘damn’ every time you’re inclined to write‘very’; your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it shouldbe.” — Mark Twain

very是最常被大家使用的一个单词,但也是最苍白的一个单词。一句“very good”远不如“wonderful”来得生动。要记住,读者的时间非常宝贵,你的语言一定要精简。



Most people are taught that loyalty is a virtue. But loyalty-whether to one's friends,to one's school or place of employment,or to any institution-is all too often a destructive rather than a positive force.



I disagree with the author for he has confused the faithfulness with the misguided or overextended loyalty. In fact,loyalty does be a cherished virtue that should be given enough emphasis.

Loyalty,a kind of lasting persistence and its precondition is that the subject of fidelity is worthy of such strong emotion. In each society,loyalty is a indispensable and vital part of the system of morality. No matter in schools,at home or at work,first midst and last,people accept a similar education that as an individual,he or she should first have a sense of ligeance,that is work for the whole. Of course,the subjects of loyalty are various including scientific theory,friends,family,schools,places of employment and the nation. A vivid example can lend support to the statement is the heroical astronomer - Bronow,who advanced Copernicus' theory that the earth and other planets revolve around the sun,enraged the Roma church that held the Ptolemaic system of astronomy and was burnt to death just because he refused to give up his scientific theory. It is the lasting loyalty toward truth that lead Bronow to sacrifice himself. And people all respect such duteous spirit. However,without loyalty,the morality of a society will deteriorate into apathy desert and everyone just lives for him/herself,that is to say,no one is willing to pay loyalty to the whole,then finally the human civilization will fall apart.

However,on the other hand,the fidelity should not be confused with misguided or overextended loyalty and the latter is all too often a destructive rather than a positive force. People all hold that mutual loyalty between friends is the basis of lasting friendship. But people should also realize that true loyalty and authentic responsibility for a friend are not only always believing him or her unconditionally but also persuading,helping and even impeaching him or her when him or her has committed serious mistakes or even crimes. Of course,when facing up to such painful dilemma,each one will hesitate because he or she is afraid of being censured to betray his or her friend and some one may choose to keep slient in order to insist of the so-called loyalty.

In fact,such behavior may prevent his or her friend from taking right actions. The same to a school,a family,a company even the nation,when the subject that people once string along with no longer deserves loyalty,people should resolutely choose to be loyal to the truth,the justice and the humanity. That calls for people are always alert to what they think right and what they think wrong,via doing so,people can change their mind for right choice on time

To sum up,people should insist on true loyalty,and always avoid being the victim of the misguided or overextended loyalty. In the world,there is nothing that can be always absolutely right or wrong and changing happens all the time. So people should always hold deep insight to discern what deserves their loyalty and what does not



Most societies do not take their greatest thinkers seriously,even when they claim to admire them.



In this busy,packed and dull world,people's most important concerning is how to make a living. They work assiduously to make money,to support their family,to purchase houses and cars. Hardly one common individual knows who their greatest thinkers are,not mention to take them seriously. Admittedly,in some cases,people claim that they admire the greatest thinkers; however,they actually know little about what the greatest thinkers' thoughts are. The fact is,in history of human civilizations,most societies do not take their greatest thinkers seriously,even when the greatest thinkers are seemed to be respected.

Generally,whatever societies the greatest thinkers are in,they have similar characteristics,such as high intelligence,eccentric temperament,wide range of knowledge,and the most essential one: the deeply and often predicted thoughts,which is the product of real wisdom. On one hand,it is the thoughts that distinguish the greatest thinkers from the mass. On the other hand,it is also the thoughts,however correct and predicted,which cause these elites out of the mass' sights and put them into an embarrassment in which few can understand them and their thoughts. A proper example is the passional German philosopher and poet Nietzche. Nietzche is a pioneer,whose profound exploration in philosophy influenced the descendants deeply. Yet his life is miserable and full of tragedies. Without money and job,Nietzche lived an impoverished life, which along with loneliness defeated him at last: he became insane when 45,and died 10 years later. Until that time,almost no one knew him or his thoughts. Even today,many people including some scholars call him mad philosopher.

In some worse cases,the greatest thinkers are even persecuted by their societies since the greatest thinkers always tend to have skeptical and critical thoughts,which the manipulators fear mostly and manipulated reluctant to accept. The reason is that once the advanced ideas,which are against the old ones,are accepted by mass,the domination or the present social system will in the danger of collapse. And at the same times,most people are reluctant to admit that what they believe in or cherish,however,always prejudice and rigid ideas set in people's minds beforehand,are not the truth but falsehood or illusions. A case in point is the great astronomer Copernicus,who developed the theory that the earth and other planets revolve around the sun. Although the theory was the most advanced astronomy theory in that time,it hadn't come out of press until the year before Copernicus' death because of mass being strongly against it especially the powerful churches,which were afraid that such a theory would shake authority of theology.


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